Privacy Policy HelloApps BV

  1. HelloApps BV respects the privacy rights of users and is committed to protecting the information collected through Krudoku and other products ("Service" or "Services").

  2. In accordance with Dutch law and regulations HelloApps BV will explain in this Privacy Policy why and how HelloApps BV collects, stores, and uses the information collected in connection with the Service. This Privacy Policy only applies to the information you provide to us.

  3. Should you have any questions relating to this Privacy Policy, please contact us at

  4. When you install, register or do anything else to access our Services you unambiguously agree to this Privacy Policy and unconditionally accept its terms and content in full and therefore the use, collection, storage and processing of all of the data you consciously or unconsciously provide to HelloApps. If you do not agree to the terms and content of this Privacy Policy, please do not register or otherwise access our Services.

  5. When you access our Service, you have to fill in some (personal) details that allow us to contact or identify you as a user of our Services.

  6. We register these details in a fair and careful manner in accordance with the applicable Dutch law and privacy legislation.

  7. We register, collect and save data we need to give access to our Service and its use, to provide customer and technical support, to manage and deliver the Service and to further develop our Services. This data may include, without limitation:
    1. The given e-mail address;
    2. The user name (will be used to identify you as a registered player);
    3. Your avatar image;
    4. Chats made with the chat function of our Services. We will also check/read chats to make sure the chat function is being used in a correct and acceptable manner as pointed out in the Terms of Use/Service;
    5. Device properties (UDID) for sending you push notifications;
    6. Mobile phone carrier or geographical data;
    7. Game scores / achievements;
    8. Other data as may be reasonably required by HelloApps to enhance the Service;
    9. Accessing Service using a third party ID such as social networking sites, not limited to Facebook and Twitter. We collect the minimum data necessary to give you full use of social networking sites integration into our Services.

  8. We store and use your information within our organization to be able to deliver our Service to you.

  9. We are entitled to use the collected data as described in Article 7, paragraphs a-i, to inform you about other Services provided by HelloApps BV and to share it with third parties. It is, however, not our business to sell data to third parties.

  10. HelloApps may use third parties and serving technologies. Third parties collect and use the data under their own privacy policies. HelloApps takes no responsibility whatsoever for this use. If you do not want to be subject to this technology, do not use or access our Services.

  11. The Service may use cookies, which you will accept.

  12. HelloApps BV reserves the right to modify this Privacy Policy at any time, so please read it regularly. Your continued use of our Service will signify your acceptance of any modifications to this Privacy Policy.